plastic recycling

for industry


We collect and purchase plastic waste. In addition, we have a dedicated in-house vehicle fleet to collect these products.

Processing into regrind

Sorting, shredding, washing and grinding into REGRIND, which can be used as a raw material for injection or extrusion.

Densification & extrusion

Into pellets and granulates.


Washing of plastic cans.
Harbor crane on unloading quay
Tana mobile shredder
Plastic Recycling Despriet

About plastic recycling despriet

Plastic Recycling Despriet recycles PE/PP/PLA/PS packaging (e.g. canisters with contents ranging from 5 litres to 1,000 litres, IBCs, foils, pallets, big bags, festival cups, industrial waste and carpets, etc.).

As an independent recycling company, Plastic Recycling Despriet believes in cooperation with industrial companies in the broader region, so as to jointly take a more critical look at their industrial waste, upgrade it, recycle it and provide advice for the creation of new, recycled products.

Plastic Recycling Despriet is a trusted partner and/or supplier of Brentag, Akzo, Caldic, Exxon, Sopura, Alpak, Renewi, Remi Tack and artificial turf producers, among others.

The Belgian Plastic Recycling Despriet recycles sorted post-consumer waste bales. We shred, wash, grind, regranulate them and more into new raw materials.

To this end, we have two production sites: one in Harelbeke (washing lines densification and grinding) and one in Hulshout (extrusion plant).

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