Processing of plastic raw materials

Once the plastic raw materials have been collected, the processing starts. This includes sorting, shredding, washing and grinding them into REGRIND, which can be used as a raw material for injection or extrusion.

Tana mobile shredder

The second step is the regranulation by extrusion into GRANULATE or COMPOUND that can be immediately reused according to the customer’s requirements.


An alternative step is the densification of industrial waste, such as dust, shavings, sawdust, pure or in combination of PVC, polyester, PE and PP, into PELLETS. This allows for the waste to be reused in the industry, and preferably at the source/company that originally delivered the industrial waste.


Extensive range of machinery

  • Fixed or mobile shredders, grinders
  • 2 fully integrated washing lines
  • 3 Erema extrusion lines, with all the auxiliary equipment required for the preparation of the post-consumer or industrial waste to be regranulated
  • 1 densification line for the production of pellets from industrial waste. Bale press, guillotine, in-house vehicle fleet and containers.
  • 2 sites in Belgium: in Harelbeke and Hulshout
  • In-house lab with all the necessary equipment and quality control processes for incoming and outgoing materials

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